We are active members of the large Iranian-American diaspora living in the United States which is committed to promoting and preserving the treasured values and cultural wealth of the Iranian people by working to bring about a democratic change in Iran.

The Iranian regime has for three decades been oppressing the Iranian people, exporting terrorism, and is now on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons technology. We believe Iran needs freedom and democracy, not nuclear weapons, oppression and terrorism.

The ruling clerics in Iran do not represent the Iranian people. We support the Iranian resistance and call on all nations to reject war and appeasement of the tyrants in Tehran. Our community supports the third option .… Democratic change in Iran by the Iranian people and their organized resistance.

Our community works with the Iranian-Americans from across the U.S., NGOs, governmental organizations, think tanks, religious organizations and Human Rights advocates, to support a U.S. Foreign Policy approach which empowers the Iranian people. The Association of Iranian-Americans in New York and New Jersey actively works to inform policy makers, the public, and the media about the atrocious human rights conditions within Iran and the mullahs’ predatory role in the region. To do so, we organize and participate in rallies, briefings, symposium and press conferences here in New York and New Jersey, abroad and in other U.S. States.