Rudy Guiliani at Iranian Opposition Rally in Paris

NCRI-Camp Liberty is a concentration camp where the residents have been abandoned by the US, the United Nations and its Iraqi envoy Martin Kobler, former New York mayor Rudy Guiliani has told a conference in Paris.

The Iranian dissidents needed urgent protection, and should all be moved to safety – and even taken to America – immediately, he said.

Mr. Guiliani also branded new Iranian president Hassan Rohani a ‘killer’ with ‘blood on his hands’.

He said: “I said two years ago that Camp Liberty was going to be a concentration camp and worse, a killing field. I am very, very sad to say that I’ve turned out to be correct.

It’s a place where people are killed without any regard for dignity, human life, or
decency. People abandoned by the United Nations and even worse, abandoned by my country, the United States, that promised them protection. Shame on the United Nations. Shame on Martin Kobler.

And shame on all of those who promised protection and are now refusing to give it. Shame on all of you!

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