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By Raymond Tanter To facilitate regime change from within Iran, it is critical to remove the terrorist designation from the MEK, and to protect and resettle its members. To facilitate regime change from within Iran requires a dissident organization with the same sort of leadership skills that

WASHINGTON (AFP)— The US Senate is urging Iran to free jailed leaders of the Bahai faith and recommending sanctions against officials in the Islamic Republic over treatment of the religion’s followers. In a resolution approved by voice vote late Thursday, the Senate said it “condemns

By Tom Ridge To believe that the resumption of negotiations in Istanbul could -- or ever will --avert Iranian nuclear breakout and a possible Middle East conflagration, is to believe in the triumph of hope over experience. When it comes to the Mullahs’ intentions, however, we

By Ali Safavi, Member of Iran's Parliament in Exile; President of the Near East Policy Research On a chilly October day in 1981, after returning home from the University of Michigan campus, I answered a phone call. On the other side of the line was my step