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By Bob Filner and Lord Corbett

Peace movements always struggle with the balancing act of wanting to engage enemies without appeasing them. Peace activists don’t want war, but they also recognize that peace at any price can be costly. In the case of Iran, these choices are becoming painful and difficult. Read More

By Saleh al-Mutlaq THERE IS so much tragedy in Iraq that some stories go underreported - eclipsed by other negative news. This one requires attention: Inside Iraq, 20 kilometers west of the Iranian border and 60 kilometers northeast of Baghdad in Diyala province, stands Camp

Congressional Briefing Iran & Iraq policy options. NY Iranian Americans attend Iran/Iraq policy briefing in the U.S. House of Representatives. Read Report

"Nothing contributes to the establishment of calm, democracy and peace in Iraq than intensifying the pattern of change in Iran. The Iranian people are demanding change. Despite absolute repression inside the country, several thousand anti-government protests have been staged nationwide by students with the assistance

Congressman Joseph Crowley message to gathering of over 30,000 Iranians in Paris, France. Read More

Congressman Anthony Weiner message in support of the gathering of Iranians in Paris, France. Read More

Association of Iranian Americans in New York join over 30,000 in Paris, call for democratic change in Iran. Iranians gathered in Paris, France to Reject the Iranian regime and to support the Iranian Resistance led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.

Photos of the crackdown on youths by Iran's State Security Forces (SSF) published in state media

List of news coverage of September 19 Rally in New York. Read More

Letter from Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY) to participants of the rally against Ahamdinejad's visit to U.N. September 19, 2006. Read More