Twenty-two detainees in Tehran afraid of Cutting off their hands

HRANA    |    May 20, 2019


Twenty-two detainees charged with robbery in Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary are afraid of cutting off their hands. The verdict of one of these prisoners is scheduled to run in the coming days. Alireza Khan Baluchi, son of Massoud, born in 1974, is one of the convicts. He says, “The sentence is due to be handed down in the coming days by sending the verdict”.

This is while he has paid for the stolen property.

The identity of three other defendants is Azizullah Tajik, Afghan citizen, Mohammad Bookhi, and Mohammed Fuzlordy. Currently, 19 other detainees in Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary did not want their identities disclosed, have been sentenced to cutting off their hands in various stages.